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fuchka: Thanks for your comments! Yes, being alone is an important skill. I'm traveling for two weeks right now, all by myself. I'm seeing friends and family, but the traveling part is done alone. And that's good in that perspective. And yes, I also think it's better to process these things before anything actually happens. It's a process, I'm still not there, but I hope some day I will. I read about the incident from your blog, I'm glad you guys managed to get over it in the end. And another yes to 'you know that poly's working when...', definitely. Our situation is working very well, my partners like each other and I just love love love seeing that. It makes me super happy.

So, I haven't updated this in a long time. Me and Hank went to visit Home Country and it was awesome! He met my parents, a few friends and JJ as well. Everyone liked him and he liked Home Country. It was so interesting to see my own country through the eyes of someone who's not from there. All the traditions, language, food, drinks, weather, nature etc. I got to see them again with brand new eyes and it was so much fun. I felt like our relationship took a leap forward during the trip. I feel that I'm serious with Hank, I love him and can definitely see a future with him. I feel like we're both including each other in each other's lives very naturally.

Quite soon after our trip to Home Country we went to Hank's home town where I met his parents and one of his friends. That went really well as well. He has just recently come out of the poly closet to his parents, so I was quite nervous about that. But they were just lovely! They even started talking about poly themselves and in a positive tone. They asked a few questions, mostly about practical stuff like time management etc. His mum said that she understands that our relationship is not less serious because I have other partners. Yay, that's right!
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