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So I did something incredibly impulsive, which I am prone to do when infatuated with someone: I booked a flight out to see Holly in Boston. We had a conversation about her birthday, and I asked what she was planning. "Nothing." Well, are your friends taking you out? "No." She seemed a little down about it, changing the subject abruptly and pointedly not returning. So, I figured, I would ride in on my white horse and save her.

So, I booked the trip.

It could have been disastrous, I know. But I did it, and I asked her, "which do you prefer, surprise, or anticipation?" She chose anticipation, so I told her I was coming. Luckily, she was overjoyed, and left it up to me to plan the day. We're going to walk around Boston, checking out the Freedom Trail, possibly a museum or two, and end the day with a sunset clam bake on one of the Harbor Islands. To put it mildly, I'm looking forward to it.
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