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Vaccines are not cures. The idea of any vaccine is to expose your body to an inactive form of the disease so that your immune system learns to attack it and is ready for action if it ever meets the real thing. If you've already caught the real thing and you didn't die (i.e. your body overcame the virus) then it already knows how to combat it next time, and the vaccine is pointless.

That being said, the HPV vaccines target a few different strains. So while getting the vaccine won't do diddly squat to a strain you've already contracted, it may prevent you from being infected by a strain you've yet to encounter.

HPV is like the cold or flu. Virtually everyone gets some strain of it at some point, healthy bodies dispose of it in due course, and life goes on like nothing ever happened, give or take a few extra antibodies coursing through your veins. It's not like HIV or herpes, which stay in your body for ever. It can cause cervical cancer, but even then it doesn't mean the virus is still in your system. Think hit-and-run. Get your regular pap smears to make sure that doesn't happen.
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