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What is "polyamory" to you?

Polyamory to me is having open honest relationships with more than one person.

Tell me about your relationships. Do you have primaries/secondaries? Everyone equal? Open or closed? V? Many?

I am in a v relationship with my husband of 12 years and my boy friend of 14 months. Jo I do not have primary or secondary relationships. My relationship with each man is a seperate but equal. My boyfriend is mono. My husband is exploring poly but has no regular partner. He has his first date outside our marriage Tuesday night. Things on my end are closed because I am content with my current partners. My husband can see as many people as he would like. I do not care.

Yes I have children with my husband. My tubes are tied after a rough pregnancy that almost killed me plus at nearly 40 I have no urge to potty train again. Plus while my boyfriend loves my sons he has no urge for any of his own.

What problems do I face?

Nothing to serious just sometimes getting solo time without my kids with my boyfriend due to my husband's schedule. That and we are in the closet to my boyfriends friends and family. But my guys have separate social circles and my boyfriend lives 25 miles away so it doesn't effect anything.

Why does poly work for me? I have just always been wired this way. I tried playing by societial rules and was never content. Now I am. Each man gives me something I need.
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