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Ah dear, didn't I ask for it?! The next "unhappy moment" came as called. A minor misunderstanding with my sister and BiL made me seek them out and ask what exactly was wrong and if there is an underlying problem. Yeah, there is. It was totally unrelated to the actual situation but the behaviour of my sister was modified because of her dislike for the way I lead my life. THAT topic, again, ... great *sigh* The rest of the family accepted it, she never even started to be willing to do so, I guess.

I am guessing here, because "there isn't anything to talk about" as far as she is concerned. We will need to talk for sure this week. I don't know if I may just write her a letter and wait for a response or if I am going to visit. But I won't accept disrespectful behaviour from my own sister. If there is nothing to talk about I expect her to not talk about it. And not behind my back in our direct surrounding and family. That's just immature crap.

At least I am not as shaken as I have been when the confrontation with my mother happened. Maybe there is some getting used to being treated like this involved, who knows.
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