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This was the first pride day I have missed in years. It just didn't seem to be in the cards and I didn't feel like creating it to be so. LB went to his friends house all day, Mono and I went for a ride all day and only PN went for awhile. I can't say I missed it actually. I love pride day usually, but for some reason the thought of crowds and socializing just didn't seem appealing. I'm sure next year I'll be back at it.

I think that this bike trip planned for next month is going to be a big thing for me. I am sitting here after a one day ride and realizing that this feeling is going to be ten days long. Tired, happy, excited, slightly wind burnt and content. My mind is empty from hours of letting my mind go. Wandering around my brain for so long actually got me to the end of thinking! Who knew! No over thinking in this moment. Amazing what giving myself time does.

Mono and I made an extensive music list yesterday and tried out listening to music on the bike today. We were rocking it out on the highway to music we love and enjoying ourselves. We have a little routine around it now where he can communicate to me while we ride. All our little systems are working out and to someone who loves systems, this makes me very happy.

Living each day at a time and in each moment. This has been a moment brought to you my RP.
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