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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Maybe you didnt want to spend a day with Matt's mom after she spent time asking Si difficult questions?

OTOH, maybe you're a privileged and spoiled little rich girl who wants all the candy. Your recount of the over the top party for your daughter (what 4 year old needs a full on spa day for her and several friends, AND shopping in a pink limo, AND lunch at a fancy restaurant, AND a fashion show AND shoot? Whatever happened to pizza, cake and ice cream at home with a few simple party games?)

And then you get your own party thrown by your parents, which exceeds the WEDDING parties of most people, just as a going away party.

It sounds like the lifestyle of a nouveau riche rapper that one would see on MTV.

Now I understand, you're on Matt's home turf. He's Australian! His critical mom is right there in your face! So, off you go to something that is yours, your gf, for an entire day. "Take THAT, MIL and Matt!"

Fucking things up with Matt all over again.

But never mind, you've got museums and zoos and shows coming up. $$$ will fix everything.
Wealth or poverty doesn't define emotions or ethics or the ability to suffer. However, I do think the OP wants to have her cake and eat it too, but that's most people. Just makes her a bit immature. Again, like most people. In this case after following this thread for a while, the patterns are clear and the reasons for all the repeated issues are as well. There's very little left to contemplate, except for re-looping the same comments and issues over and over. The OP gets the logic, but lacks conviction in what she wants to do. No mystery about why.
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