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For us, we set aside an hour a day that is just us, and there is no txting anyone during that time, its something we worked out because we were both feeling ignored. It was a boundary we both needed to set.

Now, we also have an agreement to "check in" about every four hours while we are out with our others, I'm really bad about forgetting, but he is much better, and I'm getting better about it.
Checking in is usually just an I love you, not an actual conversation.

Because we have kids, and a newborn, I do check any txt I get from him, bc it could be an emergency, but I just reply to let him know I got it and then thats it. We had to do this because we were fighting through txt while I was with H and H was upset that our limited time was being interrupted by a conversation that upset me.

H on the other hand, answers every txt, but he rarely has conversations while we are together, and he will ignore them short term if we are being intimate. I have no issues with it.
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