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Hi Masharona,

Thank you so much for sharing with us! I sure resonated with you as I read your intro. I'm a 49 year old straight man. I too was married, (18 years for me) and my wife and I tried several poly situations during the marriage. Like you, I felt poly was the most authentic and it just fit me in all ways.
I also very much agree that poly living gives a person the opportunity to deal with their fears and insecurities. In fact, I feel it gives a person multiple opportunities along these lines that no other life-experience can give. It was extremely educational and enlightening for me, and I grew in many ways from the experience. Most beneficial for me was the Spiritual growth because that was how I focused my attention as I went through all of it.

Please don't be concerned about asking stupid questions or appearing that way! We each are learning in every moment, one way or another. Its when we open ourselves, be vulnerable with each other and strive to create warm, kind, compassionate, authentic "space" for each other to BE and know its "safe" that we truly grow in so many ways. Yes, there is room in the creation of that safe space to also be brutally honest as well, but if we put some consideration into how to be honest, and firm, we can still be warm and kind in our responses. At least that is my approach, everyone has their own unique approach.

Thank you for being here with us and having the courage to post!

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