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Default STI scare & recovery

In October of 2012 I encountered an STI scare with my 2 partners.

My primary, K, was with his other partner and was informed me that I had to get tested. I was devestated. I will not go into the sordid details of his misconduct but K and I have managed to work through the issues over the following months.

However my then secondary, J, who stuck by me and is now also a primary has trust issues resulting around K. It has opened up a world of issues in our relationship but I do not want to lose J since he has always been there for me. However he is trying to deal with his issues with K and it has caused issues in our own relationship now.

It has been 9 months and I am seeing the clearing in the woods as it were and J has once again become "ok" enough with K. However I do feel guilty. K has become more attentive and is trying to pull me away from J.

I love both of them but it seems that once I make things right with J things with K get hectic and vice versa.

Im not sure if I;m the only one who has ever encountered this issue but I am looking for feedback.

Any advice and everything is welcomed.

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