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Originally Posted by Ramina View Post
If one were to attempt to deduce your & Cindie's lives based on My life experiences, they would conclude neither of you are truly poly at all.
That statement doesn't even make any sense! Truly poly, LOL.

All we were doing here was giving you feedback about your terribly-written ad. You are unicorn hunters, whether you realize it or not. What you are searching for is a fantasy that doesn't exist. Though it may not be impossible that someone you could both get along with is out there, it is highly improbable that your ad will bring someone so specific to you. It's not like placing an order in a catalog. I cannot imagine any single woman reading it and saying, "Oh goody! Where do I sign up?"

You are so focused and fixated on placing your order for your imaginary busty, big-assed, long-haired, bisexual, devoted, homemaking unicorn who gives massages and will anchor you and appreciate your wild past, etc., etc., that you are being dense about what we're telling you and your answers are more nonsensical each time you respond.

Oh well, good luck. Come back and prove us wrong!
The world opens up... when you do.

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