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Inyourendo: Thanks, I'll do a bit of research and see if any of those things and general vitamins can help me.

Magdyln: Yeah, I'm on the depo provera and have been for over 2 years now. It was fine for the first year and a bit but the last year I've noticed that my sex drive has dramatically reduced and at the same time I started suffering from bouts of insomnia and acne outbreaks - so I think it must be a hormonal thing.

It should be okay in a month or two but it's put a bit of a strain on my relationship as it is and if there's anyway to help in the mean time whilst I figure out whether it is due to the depo, that would be great.

I'm 21 and I wouldn't say I'm under that much stress but money is a bit of an issue at the moment and that makes me quite anxious, though this was going on before the money problems. My sleeping pattern is fairly good at the moment and I'd say I have a good diet - plenty of vegetables and what not.

I've only the one lover at the moment and he's great with the whole romancing thing, he's very much a giver when it comes to sex. So I don't think that's the problem.
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