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Originally Posted by Ramina View Post
Are you willing to date anyone despite level of personality, physical attraction, intellect, drive, & aspirations or lack thereof so as long as they're interested in you? Would you suggest this lack of discernment for your children? Are you suggesting we lower our standards to appease those who aren't a fit with us?
I said nothing of the sort, but if you refuse to accept it, I can't possibly do more to show you. I am talking from the pov of someone reading your post, which I did, with an open mind, we have Unicorn hunters coming out of our ears in this section of the forum, did you even bother to read a few posts before you wrote your amazingly original post? Of course you didn't, you come on here thinking that you are saying something new and then get defensive when you are challenged, well sorry dude you can join the long line of couples who went before you thinking the exact same thing.

If you get any replies to it at all I will be prepared to eat my words but I can assure you, no one would be interested in what you are offering, not because there is no one who fits your Unicorn mould, but because of the way you write it. It comes across badly and your defensive replies just add to that, tell me, who do you think would be attracted to you, who has such little self esteem?


The 50% divorce rate in our country is evidence that Millions of people make the mistake of not being honest enough with others & themselves,
Of course, the high divorce rate is down entirely to not being honest about what one wants...nothing else, nothing at all...there you go, you have solved the problem of marital discord, now you can go forth and teach people as you clearly have all the answers.....

I didn't need to be persuaded when I fell in love with my wife. Honestly, I was fighting the love I felt--for my then friend,
Exactly, Dude, she was your FRIEND, you did not advertise for her like you are ordering from!
If you re-write that post from a monogamy pov do you think she would have responded to fact why don't you and Mrs UnicornHunter, give that a go, have a little exercise, re-write your OP as if for monogamy tell me how enticing it looks to you.

We've had a triad before & are optimistic we will again; without lowering our standards.
There is a world of difference between falling into something with a friend you have known (same as your wife)...and seeking Unicorns, trust me, you won't find anyone posting such a profile, putting hearts in it makes no difference, it doesn't make it look any better.....

I've had an extensive variety of lovers at any given time.
Looking more attractive every moment..........

My reputation was to sIf one were to attempt to deduce your & Cindie's lives based on My life experiences, they would conclude neither of you are truly poly at all.
And with that one line you lose any minute credibility you had.

Good luck to you both, I hope you come back and tell us of the great success you are having taking this road but somehow...I doubt it.

Toodle pip!

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