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I am not okay. Don't worry, not depressed.

Mid April Primal's brother came to stay with us. It was only supposed to be for a week or two. He was leaving the tiny little town after he decided he needed to get away because of the fact he couldn't get clean off meth if there. Having HIV made it more difficult for him to find places but apparently St Louis had a halfway house he could stay at if he could make it. The halfway house knew our home was in the city.

PB gets here and is then told that since where he was staying was in the city and not the county he couldn't stay there. So PB starts to look for a job/someplace to live. May 26th he relapsed and decided he needed to go into rehab.

June 23rd Primal and Lamian took PB down to Hannibal where he was going to stay for his rehab. Wednesday he decided he was fine and left rehab and hitch-hiked back to St. Louis. Today after Woodsmith and I got home from my parent's I noticed he's here.

I'm not okay with this. If he hadn't relapsed earlier in the month or if he had actually put in the work of being at rehab things would be different. But if he wouldn't put in the work and rehab he isn't going to out. I'm not okay if he's going to be staying here again for an indefinite period of time. I'm not taking the risk of someone using in my home, coming home while high, or the people he's using with knowing where I live.

I haven't been able to sleep since getting home because of this (Got home at 11 it is currently 3:30). I'm going to inform Primal and Lamian that I'm not okay with this and that I will not be living in this house if he is going to be here again. Hell, I'm not even going to be staying the night in this house as long as he is here. This is a risk I am not willing to take and one that I do not agree to.
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