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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Just curious, why did the woman in question cheat in the first place?

Why did she choose the wife of your psycho cousin to be with to "explore her bisexuality," of all people, and then, what compelled her to fuck this dude you seem to hate, not just drunk at a wedding, but repeatedly?

And why, of all the people in the world again, did you choose to fuck one of your wife's best friends?

I mean, yeah, you and her had a flirtation going back years, but why did it end up hurting your wife so much to have you have her good friend as a lover, to the point she lost her friend?

You two have some deep issues and odd ways of torturing each other.
good question. She claims she felt neglected by me because I had to work so many weekends and spent considerable time prepping for my certification exams. My cousin and his wife flirted and made her feel special. They gave her NRE (married 17yrs). I chose her friend because the chemistry between us is unlike anything I have ever felt and we have known each other a while so it was an easy fit. We are not sexual, we date and flirt and cuddle. She hasn't lost her friend, its that she feels weird about her and my relation and doesn't feel she can share with her friend the kinds of things she use to... like bitch about me.
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