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Originally Posted by Hes View Post
Hello - I'm new to this and struggling with jealousy. This I what I wanted, but man it feels really hard. Can anyone share agreements you've made with your primary partner about texting other lovers. How much is too much? What about saying goodnight and good morning every day? What about when you are out together at a party? We have made some agreements already, such a no texting in our bedroom. Any thoughts are appreciated. The amount of texting that he is doing feels overwhelming, but I don't want to be controlling. Plus it's new and fun for him. I don't want to take that away. At the same time I want to be gentle with myself as we venture into this new territory. Thanks!
First of all I don't play the whole primary secondary relationship BS. To me it is rude and an easy way for some one to feel like second class or a toy only brought out when some one is bored in the relationship.

We have no rules about texting other people beyond what is just common etiquette. I text or call my boyfriend when ever I feel like it. And vice versa. My boyfriend works a hellish schedule. 6pm to 6 am. I only get to talk with him a bit while he gets up for work. For 15 minutes at 9pm on his first break and for another few texts at midnight. He means as much to me as my husband so I want to share my day with him and he with me. I have had some serious health issues lately including trips to the er. So he keeps close tabs on me lately.
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