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Dear OP, with all due respect NYcindie i not a troll and to be honest, being new to the forum and not knowing anything about it, its a huge assumption to make based on post count alone. If you feel that your thread was flamed than by all means say so, but you are not in a position to call anyone a troll.

It's best being honest from the beginning, rather than string someone along or worse. Worse being, beginning a relationship with less than compatible person,
I do not feel objectification is a necessity to be honest about what kind of relationship one is seeking. It is perfectly possible to do it without objectification, thousands do, so I don't feel 'we want to be honest' excuses you from culpability in this matter. Think, just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean it is not there, a person such as yourself is not the intended audience, however persons like myself and maybe even NYcindie probably are and if we are telling you something is off it's because it is, you and your wife have couple privilege and come from that vantage, won't be able to see it, so do not dismiss our advice and our experience out of hand.

If you actually want to attract someone to you, that post was probably the wrong way to go about it because it made you look even more entitled than the OP did, it's good that you are patient and happy with the status quo, that means that if it never happens you'll still be 'complete' which is more than can be said for other people seeking the same but still I urge you to get familiar with this site and not just the personals.
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