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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I really would appreciate it if you were present with me and giving me your attention right now
On that note I would say there is a difference between disliking spending time with someone who is always texting and playing on their phone and having an issue with them texting a particular party.

If someone finds it rude for me to be on my phone while we are hanging out they are entitled to tell me their preference and I can respond however I feel is appropriate for me. I'm not fond of being told how I should behave so that might not get a very warm welcome but they are entitled to ask.

However, if someone doesn't want me talking to "her" because that makes them feel insecure... well... that's a different discussion entirely. At that point it isn't a matter of accommodating a preference, it is about my changing my actions to placate their insecurities.
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