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Originally Posted by Hetaera View Post
FYI...I told him that he won't be hearing from me for a while regardless of his answer. I found my spine already.
Well, good. It's just that you wrote two conflicting statements and that was confusing:

Originally Posted by Hetaera View Post
. . . I actually just told him that I don't know if/when I will see him again & that I don't know if I can remain friends with him b/c of the way he's treated me.
Originally Posted by Hetaera View Post
I asked him for more time our last night together, if he complies, I will probably see him, if not, I'm probably going to end it completely & not even bother with being friends.
"If he does this, I will see him, and if he does that, I won't" doesn't sound like you really took a stance at all. It sounds like he still holds power over how you conduct your life, and that you're waiting for him to make a choice before you will. <shrug> But if you won't contact him no matter what his answer is, then why even wait for an answer?

Originally Posted by Hetaera View Post
Sorry, but London & Boringguy didn't read everything I wrote, made some grossly inaccurate assumptions & spewed a lot of BS as usual. There wasn't a kernel of truth this time, once in a while there is. They're just mad b.c I called them on their shit.
Oh, I highly doubt that either of them are mad about anything you wrote, actually.
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