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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Well, now you have learned something. Don't go into a relationship without knowing what you're getting into.

We're all anonymous people on a message board, and don't really have the power to fuck anyone over unless you give it to us. Take what you value from what we say and leave the rest. I appreciate you sending me thanks for my earlier post, btw, but sometimes the harshest words contain a kernel of truth that can be useful.

Seriously, if you learned any lessons from this, why would you still consider meeting up with him? Don't let an unrealistic attachment, fear of being alone, or horny dreams of hot sex get in the way of good judgment. Be proactive, find your spine, and take a stance instead of waiting for him to choose - you already know what his choice will be, anyway. And even if he does give you what you want now - wouldn't you say that is too little, too late?
FYI...I told him that he won't be hearing from me for a while regardless of his answer. I found my spine already

I have other lovers so it's not like I'm totally alone. I'm just hurt.

Sorry, but London & Boringguy didn't read everything I wrote, made some grossly inaccurate assumptions & spewed a lot of BS as usual. There wasn't a kernel of truth this time, once in a while there is. They're just mad b.c I called them on their shit.
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