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Originally Posted by xotheladyxo View Post
nycindie I never said I was only looking to add spice or flavor to our relationship. We're looking for another person, another individual, to join our relationship to make it more complete.
Exactly my point. I was only going by what you stated - that you are looking for a woman to "bring into" your relationship and be "added to" your family. Now you are saying you want someone to make your relationship "more complete." The rest of what you wrote sounds much more evolved than that - it seems your intentions are good and thoughtful, but there is an element of objectification here, of wanting someone else to augment your existing relationship. Seriously, if you were single, would you jump at the chance to take on that burden of responsibility -- to make a couple feel complete (I mean, really, it would seem more constructive to look inside and find out what is lacking rather than think you can get a feeling of completeness from someone on the outside)? When it seems rather obvious they will be at the center and you would be just "adding to" what they already have, would you join them?

Food for thought, that's all.
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