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Originally Posted by Jac View Post
I've only recently found that I am polyamorous . . .
This statement always cracks me up whenever I see it. I imagine someone looking down and discovering their bellybutton for the first time. "Hey! Where'd that come from?! I'm poly!" LOL.

Originally Posted by Jac View Post
How do I tell him? I don't want him to feel as if there is something wrong with him or as if he doesn't satisfy me, which is partially my fear of what will happen. I've just come to realize that I'm not happy with just one partner. I mean, I am for a time but then I feel as if I want more. My boyfriend makes me happy but I need more, how do I convey this effectively?
Happiness is an inside job. Why are you unhappy? How are you so sure it is an additional partner that you need or want in order to be happy? Maybe the relationship you have is not satisfactory in some ways you can't quite grasp, but we really cannot depend on our relationships to make us happy. You "want more" for your life, but it might not be more people you need to feel you have enough! It would behoove you to do some inner work and get to really know yourself very well, in order to find out where the unhappiness is coming from. Because no number of relationships can make us happy - it's up to us to bring our happiness and self-satisfaction to our relationships.
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