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Originally Posted by Hetaera View Post
You know what, that's not at all what I've said. Why don't you go back & actually read all of the things I've written where I have repeatedly taken responsibility for my part in this. If you just read what I wrote to a recent post, I thanked for her wise & honest advice. Now I can block you & London so I can see less useless advice. Yes, you are boring & boorish.

That's ok; other people read my posts and get something useful out of them. As i type this, i promise that there are at least a dozen "lurkers" reading my posts who will never register or post here and see themselves in your situation and read my posts and say "eureka". So, it isn't REALLY all about YOU, whether you realize it or not. I know you think this thread is your personal, private, safe space, but that does not make it in fact the case.

Since you won't be reading this, you won't learn that there is a Life Stories & Blogs section on here where you can keep your head in the sand and get the moderators to delete any posts you don't like. Although, the Ignore function only works if no one quotes the person you want to avoid. It isn't like Fakebook where if you "Block" someone, they can't see anything you do and you can't see anything they do, and it's like you don't exist to each other.