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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
The thing of it is, the person who makes demands, the wife, the person to whom he feels obligation, will always win out in the short run. Whether that remains true over the course of time remains to be seen. For my couple, her needy, demanding, and subsequent refusal to entertain growing up and acting like an adult ended in divorce a year after I was out of the picture.
1st of all, thanks for the sympathy, I need it right now. He cheated on her once way back once when she withheld sex over a minor surgical procedure on her cervix. I'm the only one he told & I could tell that he felt awful about it. I predict that they will have big problems in the future & no matter how much he says she loves him, he will never be satisfied with her. His sexual appetite is way too great for what she can & will offer him. Not my problem. I would never be with someone who was a sexual mismatch for me, been there, done that.

I need to think about me & not them. My life is full, my other lover is coming to visit me this weekend. I just need time to work thru my feelings & we'll where I end up. I have therapy in about an hour. Yay!

Thanks for all the wonderful, wise words. It more than makes up for the few jerks!
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