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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh I know what they meant, but my point was that the term doesn't apply to poly.
Cindie, when did I apply Swinging to Polyamory? I've never even implied that idea. You may need to review what was posted.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
To come here and post using lingo that applies to swinging clearly shows a misunderstanding of where they are posting and what poly is.
First - My wife & I have both been poly our entire lives. We've just haven't pursued a poly relationship until now, until she was completely secure our marriage was solid. I had a wild past, & though we love each other wholly, she has to feel certain I was in for the long haul. IMHO my wife was correct in her hesitation, as no couple should simply dive into taking on more people without total security in their current relationship; especially when that couple has children & with a someone from a similar past to mine.
If you aim was to teach us about polyamory, there's absolutely nothing we could learn from you Cindie.

Second - Never assume to know the thought's of others based on your experiences coupled with a palpable misconstruing of another's words.

Third - We came here in good faith, with good intentions. I even gave you the benefit of doubt, even though my wife saw through to your antagonism. By the other posters in this thread we're relieved people like you are the minority here.

Now I've set the record straight for us, we need not continue addressing trolls like Cindie. We won't be responding to any more of Cindie's posts. Life's too short to not ignore trolls who, instead of accepting the insight of others as contrary & correct against their mistakes, defend their errors. This is how lonely people, remain alone.

Thank you to those who actually understood what we meant from the beginning.

Onward & upward.
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