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nycindie I never said I was only looking to add spice or flavor to our relationship. We're looking for another person, another individual, to join our relationship to make it more complete. We are looking for another person to love, and love us in return. We are looking for our other soulmate.

We aren't the married couple that is going to make a bunch of set rules and guide lines for someone that isn't even a part of our relationship yet. So I am upset that you would jump to such conclusions before actually knowing our intentions and our mind set. I have done my research, and thank you Natja, I have read that post as well as several other so I know the common mistakes that couples like my husband and I usually make. We don't want to make those mistakes. '

I am not looking to control the relationship that my husband makes with whom ever we find and he isn't looking to control mine. We haven't even made any rules or limitations for each other because we want to wait until we find someone we have chemistry with and build the relationship together. We aren't trying to build a relationship between the two of us and find a woman that fits into the mold we make, we are looking to mold the relationship once we find the other woman that makes this all complete. If my husband and I only wanted another woman for us to have sex with now and again, we wouldn't have to take our time to do that.

So thank you for being quite rude and making us feel very judged and unwelcome. I hope you don't judge everyone as quickly.
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