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Default Yoxi - I have a question for you

Have you always been a polyamory person? Is this something you knew inside, or something you gravitated towards over a period of time ?

I agree with the jealousy issue - it sometimes rears it's head no matter how hard you work, but we have found that when it does, if you are honest about how you are feeling, it tends to be dealt with constructively !

We have both felt that as our relationship is the primary one, if we put the right level of love and effort into it, it has the same liklihood of success, or maybe more due to the extra focus it gets, than a more traditional one !

It's not always easy, but the good far outweighs the less good, and the personal growth it brings as individuals and as a couple is immense - it make you realise how many years you have been asleep for !!
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