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Originally Posted by graviton View Post
whoa whoa whoa you paint a pretty nasty picture. I can guarantee there is no flaunting, rubbing it into her face, lording over, temper tantrums or any of the other nasty things you have said.
I understand that it doesn't look that way from where you are standing graviton, but given the information that I've seen thus far nycindie expressed exactly my view as well.

I was about to go through and quote all of the times you have proven nycindies statement to be true but decided it wouldn't accomplish anything. The way you are responding to this difficulty in your relationship is not building fertile ground for intimacy. As is usually my advice, I suggest you take a look inward and stop focusing on what she has done in the past and with whom. *You* need to deal with *your* feelings which have come from a betrayal of trust. There is nothing your partner can do to heal this for you.. that can only be done internally.

I wouldn't tell you that you are out of line for being pissed, but how you are handling it is not going to make things better.
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