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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
Actually, having had farm animals myself, I understand the obligation. He probably hires someone to take care of them when he goes out of town. Animals are like kids, totally dependent on their keeper.
He doesn't, he chronically over-extends himself & wont hire anyone to do anything & rarely asks anyone to do him favors. He does manage to get these things done when he has to go out of town though, even when he drove to Texas for 3 days to buy some piece of equipment he didn't really need......his Dad who lives right next door can easily come over to watch the kid so his wife can tend to HER animals (mohair goats, alpacas, etc for weaving). This is literally ONE TIME that I am asking him to do something for me. I have never once, once, made a demand on his time & he acknowledged that. All he said is he'd "think about it" not even that he "try". It's not even the break up that's upsetting me anymore, it's the being treating as a 2nd class citizen the whole time we've been seeing each other that doesn't rate as high as a barnyard animal. And shame on me for accepting it. Yeah, maybe I'm just exhausted from taking care of a sick kid & a 2 yr old that won't sleep past 5.30 am & I have a slightly bruised heart & ego, but it still seems pretty shitty to me. I think this man is sweet but incredibly selfish.

And I just keep wondering what kind of person actively looks for a girlfriend while his wife just had a baby? I asked over & over & over again if he was sure she was ok with it & even talked to her about it. Am I an idiot? Plus his ex-wife was an apparent nyphomaniac (I'm at a loss for a better term) & this one was practically a virgin. Very very strange.
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