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I can appreciate where you are coming from nycyndie. You identify as poly and recognize that you would sooner give up a partner than give up your identity. But this is my wife who has no poly identity (as of yet). She was bicurious and apparently cousin curious. She rationalized that she was being poly during the affair. I can guarantee that she will not be running back to my cousin. He showed his true colors by denying it all and calling her a crazy woman rather than owning up to it. The way I found out was they kept texting each other and I kept asking why are you texting him more than his wife? By nature he is a creep and a sociopath and I have had a dim view of him for sometime. When I kept telling my wife this, she would rush to defend him. Little things kept slipping out over the course of 3 months and started painting a picture that troubled me. After a while I managed to get her to confess because I was so sick of her lies I threatened to leave unless she came clean. I also pieced together that the fucker was trying to get her to leave me and start a triad with her and his wife. I told her she could have him if she wants. Does that show you what kind of guy this is? So no she will not continue to date him as long as she wishes to be my wife. There is no way I will tolerate that. I will lord it over her if she wishes to turn their relationship into legit poly. I will leave her before that happens.
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