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Originally Posted by xotheladyxo View Post
. . . talking about bringing another woman into our life . . . Then when we decide to start looking for the girl we would like to add to our family we want to talk, take things slow, and let things evolve on their own. We have a daughter so we are very cautious about who we bring into our home.
You aren't the only ones who should be cautious. How would you feel if you were a woman who is "brought in" to "add to" someone else's relationship? She should be very cautious as well!

You add ketchup to french fries, or sugar to coffee, to enhance the flavor - you don't add people to a relationship. People aren't condiments. They aren't put here to enhance what you have with someone else, nor to serve you. You develop relationships with individuals. If you can remember that, you might have a shot. I wish you well.
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