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I think what they mean Nycindie, to be fair, is swinging, they are obviously swingers and that is what they are referring to as in 'we want to find a LTR, but won't find it in the lifestyle clubs we are used to going to...'

Which I understand!

Their mistake is thinking that Polyamory is like swinging but long term rather than occasional. This is a common newbie mistake and I am pretty sure they will soon realise that Polyamory is a different kettle of fish once the Unicorns fail to appear as expected.
They wouldn't be the first couple (or single person) who posted a personal ad before spending time actually reading the forum, this personal section are full of people who have posted and then are never seen again, just as it is full of couples looking for Unicorns who never get a reply (except a snarky comment or two from forum regulars) so the OP are not unique in their ignorance and it is probably unfair to single them out.

To the OP, your personal ad is pretty objectifying and therefore is unlikely to attract anyone to you, despite you being a very handsome couple, I would sincerely suggest you edit it heavily and go and do some reading as previously suggested. This particular link will be a good place to start

Good Luck,
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