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So far, no one has rejected me for it. I do, however, have one acquaintance for whom I've lost a lot of respect for the snide comments I get since I outed myself to her. Fortunately, we're not close. When I started, and was on an NRE high with the mere fact that my loves were POSSIBLE, I was a bit disappointed that everyone didn't want to talk about with me. But I get it, I can understand how mono people feel threatened by me and my 'outness.'

I think if I was living with more than one full time, I would want to be more out (like work). As I've aged, I've gotten more comfortable with the fact that not every piece of me is anyone's business. A lot of people I work with, I would NOT invite home to dinner. If that's true, then why would I want to tell them such things?

All that said, I have no kids to risk. There are nutted up grandparents out there with weird notions about what they need to protect their grandchildren from.
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