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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh, I don't think you'll need to worry about many women playing "email tag" with you.

Good luck with that.
Thanks Cindie
We typically run into email tag with people out of state/country. We're completely willing to relocate someone to us, but we also understand uprooting oneself may be too much of a challenge for some.

I don't think we've ever encountered email/text tag on the local level. The longest it ever took for us to meet someone locally was probably 2 weeks & that lady was out of town when we answered her profile. The only issue here in Arizona is finding a LTR, which is partially our fault as the places we frequent don't quite facilitate that kind of relationship. Although we've also been in the lifestyle for years & it's tons of fun, swinging hasn't proven the best path to a lasting triad. lol~

We're optimistic we'll find that special lady for our triad soon enough. I think the key may rest in using alternative methods like this forum. Something completely different from most dating sites or lifestlye clubs.
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