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There are a lot of white picket fences of cohabitating. I guess my thing is that I'm not sure that would work for me. I mean, would I love for both of them to be close? Absolutely! Except, I know neither of them are comfortable living together. I may be the type to love a big naked puppy pile of people sleeping in a giant ass bed every night, but that's not necessarily the kind of thing that the people I'm in love with want! So for me it's hard to imagine a goal that means it's EXACTLY what I want knowing full well it's not what they want or makes them comfortable.

So I will say I guess, that the best is, a house of our own. With a yard, I want a willow tree in the back that keeps it shady and cool in the summer. An area for the kid to grow her garden, and a dog. Yeah, I want a freakin' dog! A Yorkie! I want to figure out sewing so I can make all the vintage clothing I want and can't afford! I want hubby happy at his job, I want to make a semi decent living at my writing. I want BF within half an hour to an hour driving distance. I want him to have his position as Chaplain in the military and I want him to have the family he wants when he's ready for it.

I want a few, not a lot, close friends. To go to drag shows with, to take dancing, and to have laid back pic nics in the yard and ride bikes with. I want to be near water so I can swim and skinny dip! I want a girlfriend some day that is okay with me not being 'gay enough' to be lesbian, but too gay to be a straight. I want my kids to all graduate, and do what they want after. College, training, traveling. I want weekly massages!

Oh, and I still want to be a Suicide Girl. Though I'm probably too old now and will have to see if they take Suicide Women.
Me: Late 30s pansexual poly.
DH: My husband of 19 yrs and father of 3 teen girls.
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