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Talking Ch-ch-changes

Good morning!

I am still not quite acclimated to the time difference, yet. In my corner of the world, it is Friday morning. I am still trying to wrap my brain around that. My brain is still thinking I should be on BST.

The past few days have been nothing shy of perfect. We arrived in the small hours of Tuesday morning. It was about 2 AM. After travelling for over 18 hours, my only concern was everyone getting to the nearest bed. Fortunately, our children were sleep, and they stayed sleep until much later that morning. We checked into a suite for the night. I was not sleepy, but I was tired. When I finally did get to sleep, I managed to get a full night's rest and wake up fresh on the local time.

I dislike putting things off until the last minute, so I had a list of things to-do the first day. Number one on the list was moving in. Before we did that, we changed our licences over and registered our vehicles. We are already citizens. Matt by birth and me by application and subsequent ceremony. I am glad that was out of the way and done prior to moving.

It was a long process to move in. When we finally finished, it was late. Matt and I turned on the fireplace and poured a couple of glasses of wine. It is winter here, so the fire was a perfect touch. We both let out sighs of relief. It was quiet because everyone else was sleep. We cuddled. Sometimes words are not necessary. I left him downstairs, and I took the most relaxing bubble bath. We had a peaceful night of sleep. We woke up the following morning and watched the sunrise over the CBD from our terrace. We spent all of Wednesday with our children.

Yesterday was an interesting day. My mum-in-law called to see if I wanted to spend the day with her. It was a shock to my system, but I said, "Absolutely." Matt said that he had our children. He had made plans for them. My MIL and I got manis/pedis after I had breakfast with Matt and our children. After that, we enjoyed a nine-course teppanyaki lunch. We went antique shopping and found some really good deals. The rest of our time together was spent at high tea. We talked about the obvious elephant in the room. She apologised again for how she treated me in the past. I cannot say that I would not react the same if I knew someone was hurting my child. She admitted that recently she has researched polyamoury, read books on it, but it is still not something she can understand. That surprised me because I would have guessed that she was still being close minded and judgemental. It means a lot to me that she even did that much. I was honest with her and told her that I might get back in a relationship with her. Instead of taking the opportunity to rip me to shreds, she made a unique request. She wants to have lunch with me...and Si. She wants to talk to Si and give her a fighting chance. Could an apology be on the horizon? That would be an unexpected turn of events. Si has agreed to it, so we are doing it today on her lunch break. I hope there are no fireworks. Matt is the appointed fire extinguisher, so if it seems like the temperature is rising, he has agreed to put it out. I heard Matt ask her, "Are you going to behave?" She promised to leave the claws in and not attack.

I have seen Si this week. She came by Tuesday during her lunch break. We also worked out together yesterday morning. She has been working, so e-mail has been our best way of communicating. She is really enjoying her new job, new home, and the city as a whole. I am happy for her. So far there have been no issues with me seeing her. Namely because it is not infringing on our time as a family or our marriage. That seems to be key. Granted, we have not started our new jobs, yet, so we are spending way more time together. Matt starts on the 8th, and I start on the 15th. Our daughter starts school on the 16th. Working out with Si went unnoticed because every one in the house was sleep when I left and returned. I told Matt that I was with her. He was sleep, so it was not a big deal. I probably could have skipped out on telling him, but I am keeping up with our full disclosure agreement. He shrugged it off, and we continued with our morning. We even had a date that night. Dinner, a movie, and a venture to the casino. I even won $A1083. I decided not to keep it. I am donating it to the care fund for a local three year old, who is in remission. It is not much, but I hope it helps her and her family. I would love to donate more anonymously.

We have marital counselling later on this afternoon. It will be our first face-to-face session with her since we moved and since the initial meeting. I am looking forward to it. We did not have the poly related session this week. She asked if we could come in later, so the session could be extended to include the poly aspect. We mutually agreed, so as of this moment, it is happening. 120 minutes of counselling. We have a [reconnection] date after counselling. He made the plans, so I am not really sure what he has up his sleeve.

I hope the lunch with my MIL and Si goes well. I am praying that it is peaceful and relaxed. The past few days have been really wonderful. Please let it stay this way.

I am off to help with breakfast, squeeze a yoga/Pilates session in, and spend some one-on-one time with Matt. I hope everyone in the States is enjoying their holiday. Happy Independence Day!
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