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If you're not bisexual, why would you acquiesce to such nonsense?

Since she's not bisexual and is demanding this, it is clearly because she is a control freak, has trust issues, and is NOT okay with her husband having another relationship on its own terms.

Why would she think she gets to makes demands about who his friend (YOU) gets to have sex with? Hullo, doesn't remotely make sense. It's up to YOU what YOU do with YOUR body - if you don't want her there watching or participating while you have sex with her husband, why would she expect that? It's idiotic and clearly illuminates how fucking insecure she is, and how fragile their marriage is. If she is not okay with him managing his own relationships, and having sex with someone else without her present, then obviously she is not consenting to polyamory at all.

If you go ahead with this, it wouldn't be polyamory- it would just be a couple in an open marriage having a threesome with someone who is basically an object for sex, and who gives up her own agency and power to be with them. And if he goes along with this expectation of hers, then she's got his balls in her purse. He needs to man up, tell her to manage her own relationships and stay out of his, which would show you some respect.

If you have any shred of common sense, get the fuck outta there.
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