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The first time I cheated it was out of sheer desire to figure out my sexuality. The second time I cheated it was with B on my ex-fiance. He wasn't willing to be open if our relationship was that serious, but then I met B and I couldn't help myself. I went back and forth between the 2 of them until B won the tug of war match. He and I remained 'platonic' through the years as B was a strict monogamist until she met L. Recently I brought a relationship with him back to the table and B is trying to let go of the hard feelings she has so I can finally have what I wanted years ago-both of them as my partners without worrying that my relationship with one is going to damage the other.
So in my situation, poly put a stop to the need or desire to cheat. Those that are in it for the thrill would probably be a lost cause.

C-that's me! 29f married to
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