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There was absolutely nothing wrong with what I said in this thread, no matter how much you try and maintain that there was. You're just looking for someone else to misdirect your anger at. If it helps for that person to be me, go for it, but let's acknowledge that is exactly what you are doing here.

Knowing that it takes two people to agree and carry out a veto on a partner has nothing to do with autism. It's just pretty obvious. Where autism and literal thinking does come into it, perhaps, is where I made the assumption that the OP does not acknowledge this. An assumption made because the thread, which essentially about veto power, is titled "His wife ended our relationship".

Maybe, though, I was meant to just say what a bitch the wife is and how terrible it is for the "victims" of this horrendous veto whilst completely ignoring the fact that the "victims" agreed to it too.