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Default Sex Drive

I've seen a few posts on here in the past where people have had problems with their sex drive or, more specifically, their lack there of.

Does anyone have any tips on what to do if you find your sex drive seriously waning?

For the last 12 months mine has been steadily falling to the point that I now never actively feel the want for sex, or even masturbation. It's starting to put a bit of a strain on my relationship with H. He's very understanding but he really misses the intimacy and the passion that would come along with sex - as do I.

I went to a Doctor recently and they said that they're pretty sure that it's down to the type of hormonal contraception I'm on. It starts to wear off in about a week but I've been told it could be a month-2 months before I'm back to normal (presuming that that is what's actually causing it)

At the moment, I'm mainly just asking if anyone else has gone through this and how they and they're partners dealt with it. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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