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Default Final visit

And for the final time he comes to see me I asked that he not rush off at 1am like he usually does, he says this isn't b/c of his wife but I don't believe that. He has farm animals that need to be tended to in the morning but they get taken care of somehow if he's out of state on a job. I have never once made a demand on his time the whole time we've been dating. I just want to be #1 once, once! I come behind him, wife, kid, house, farm, business, what does that make me #8? He said he'll think about it. I can't tell if I should tell him to go fuck himself or if I need the closure. When I asked him he told him (in a not so nice way) "I don't think you understand, I have these animals...blah blah blah" so basically I'm not as important as a bunch of fucking farm animals. I must be the dumbest smart person out there.

I'm really debating whether to tell him to go fuck himself. How can I even stay friends with someone who would treat me this way? Why on earth do I get involved with men that treat me this way? The question of the ages....and will I ever solve it.
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