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I just haven't said anything to piss YOU off - YET. Other people think my posts are just as bad if not worse than london's. The difference between me and london, however, which could be the reason I actually have made some friends here, is that I can take it as well as I can dish it out, and london can do one of those things well and the other not at all.
I disagree with this. I've posted one thread about an issue I had, some uncomfortable questions were asked in it. They were uncomfortable but necessary, and overall they helped. If/when I post another one here, I strongly hope that people give honest opinions/answers. If things are so bad that I'm asking the internet for help, I want the internet to help me. I hate when I want to critically evaluate my actions with someone and that person is just set on making everyone else the bad guy. When someone is the bad guy, there will always be things that I could have done to stop them being bad to me. I can only change and control myself.

I am, however, much less inclined to change my opinion on issues that don't directly relate to me, or are about other people's problems/perspectives etc. I don't think I lack compassion, I just think my compassion looks different to other people's.

And as a side note, I'm not here to "make friends", as it were. I spend most my life trying to limit the obligations I have to people. Making friends on here would mean I have to respond to things they write about their lives that I find uninteresting and say happy birthday and things like that. Not something I'd want to do.