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After all our committed years, I am not willing to just completely throw it away and move on. In addition, we have a 9 year old involved in all of this, and he has only ever seen us fight once.
I get that. It's just that your 100% willing to try is not all that it takes to fuel a 2 people marriage. Where's his willing at as the other marriage partner? Is he still willing to try? I hope for your sake he is willing.

I also hope that reading articles can help start/guide hard conversation. Sometimes it is hard to know how to move forward to something better if there's just "blank paper" in front of you. That feeling of "I don't even know where to begin."

But in going down an article, there's at least something to be looking at. It helps as a conversation starter even if not everything applies. And if you get tired, you can put an X on it and come back and pick up where you left off later and slowly make your way across the conversations that need to happen.

Hang in there!


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