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I've been feeling bolstered by a little male attention I received this week. The UPS delivery guy for my job flirted with me for the first time since I started working there.

I have always been a little attracted to him, although he is a bit odd personality-wise. Kinda good-looking, though nothing to write home about, but he's nice, funny, keeps his promises, and I have this feeling he'd be good in the sack. I've always had a thing for Latino men.

So, ever since he openly flirted with me and then joked that he was blushing about it (and he was!), I've been having sexual fantasies about him. I would have to keep it a secret if anything actually happened between us, but I do wonder what my bosses would think if I was fucking our UPS guy. Jeez, that is definitely something I would've done back in my 20s, LOL.
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