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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
I get you love him and it's easier to blame the whole sitch on her and her decision to use this veto, but it's just as much his fault for how he handles it. He could stand up and say, "Hon I love you and if you need us to slow down fine, but you do not get to tell me I have to end a relationship. It's my relationship, not yours.")
Oh no no...I'm not blaming the whole veto thing on her. I thing it's lame that he let her do it too & I told him before & again now. But worst of all I accepted it. I alone am responsible for my own happiness. And I repeat, I will NOT accept it again. It's not fair & I can't even know the reason except that she's uncomfortable with us having sex. Even though he won't tell me the specific reasons now, he told me once before that she asked him if "he was in love with me", don't think that the problem now & that J & me are more sexually compatible, that seems to be the problem & is probably true. The reality is that she knows I'm more sexually experienced (I'm 12 yrs older than her & she's had 2 lovers her whole life) & somehow knows I'm more sexual, way less inhibited, even though he doesn't discuss what we do (I know this for a fact). And even though she's swears she's not jealous, I'm quite beautiful & she's plain/average. That's not me saying that, that's feedback I get from others. I'm not conceited & am a very nice person who values people for who they are not what they look like despite appreciating physical beauty. I've had women hate me based on my appearance, which is horribly unfair. Yeah, terrible problem right? So she's feeling insecure I guess about whatever & I deserve to have my heart broken b/c of it.

Luckily I just had a beautiful afternoon with a new female lover....nothing like a lovely distraction. I still feel horrible but....

And as for London having a disorder I was unaware of that. I'm Bipolar, des that give me an excuse to be an asshole?
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