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So, I've been on two dates since I posted last. One with a guy who was in town for only a week (on tour with a show) and another with the guy who canceled before.

No sparks with either, but I had a good time with both. Tour guy was nice and said he'd like to get together again if I'm still here next time he comes through town.

I heard from the other guy a few days after our date, saying he'd had a good time and would like to hang out again, but life is crazy right now and he didn't know when he'd have time. That's ok, I understand crazy lives!

Q and I were talking about visiting Vegas Guy and his wife sometime this summer, and I guess Miss M got a bit sad because she didn't have someone to do weekend getaways with. Which of course, led to her and Q setting up a getaway to San Diego next month. I'm happy for them, but I'm a little jealous. Q and I go to San Diego once a year with my family, but we've never been just the two of us. I think if I figure out what weekend we'll go to Vegas and start planning that, I'll feel better. Q and I rarely get out of town without my parents going with (read: paying for) us. I love that about them and appreciate that they're willing and able to pay for trips for us, but it'll be nice to go alone too.
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