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For one thing, I need to apologize for dumping on here, I was in a sorry state the other night and anything my brain could think of was becoming fair game. We had a hard time getting out on dates before this because of or little guy. We can't afford a babysitter and with school getting in the way of everything made it so we couldn't get out at all really. The circumstances of their meeting set me on edge in the first place and left a bitter taste to moving forward. Part of my problem (I think) is some underlying codependency that we were unaware of and my being a social person. It is really tough for me to be at home with just the little guy. The other part has been my inability to get out of the house to try to meet new people combined with okcupid being depressing (and not being able to afford any other dating websites). I have been feeling much better these past few days, but that may be because she is back. Part of what really dry mew off last weekend was getting my hopes up that she would be staying home as he came out top visit. But the next day she was telling like crap and needed to get a dose of oxytocin and some reassurance about her own problem. It just meant that we had to cancel some family plans and I had to take the little man to a friends birthday party and pretend to be fine. I'm trying to confront things head on, she wasn't telling me her feelings as she didn't want them to upset me, but I think my imagination does a fantastic job of that. So we will see where things go.

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