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Default Taking Love Seriously - Nadya's Notebook

This is meant to become a blog - a place where I can collect my thoughts in one place. Thoughts about life and love, poly-related or not. And, ain't that a cool title?

When I was in my early twenties, I was convinced that there was no such thing as love. It did not exist in my world. Nowadays it is not often that I remember those times... and, there are still some black patches in my memory around some of the darkest times of my life. This was not just one depressed statement, it was the corner stone of my world view and philosophy for years. Love does not exist in reality. It is an illusion that keeps the human beings stay here on this earth and reproduce. It is a trick that our genes do to us in order to multiply themselves. Does not sound a very happy way of thinking, does it?

Today my life is filled with love and happiness - both something way outside of the reality that I was raised into as a child and teenager. This life experience makes me take love very seriously and definitely not for granted. It also makes me wonder... wonder about a lot of things. Hopefully some of those thoughts will find their way into words and be typed here.

Since my goal is to widen up my perspective, I warmly welcome all comments here. Just anything that pops up in your mind while reading this... I would be grateful if you took the time to write those thoughts here.
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