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I have never been with a guy that is so overprotective. I've lived in small town America all of my life. I remember being little and in the summer time we would sleep on a pallet in the floor in front of the screen door. I've always loved the doors and windows open when the weather is nice and especially sleeping on cool nights with a box fan in the windows. But it seems like those days are over with and I'm sorry to see them go.

Bob worries about me all of the time. I understand that times have changed and that violence is more prevalent but I don't like being shut up all the time. Keith is a city boy that never learned to like turning the AC off at all. So I'm forced to adjust to feeling imprisoned. I appreciate the concern, I love that I am loved enough that someone would be concerned about my well being. I admit that I've never had that before. But I just can't believe that I'm not safe in my own home in a town with less than 800 ppl in it (most of those are elderly) In any case, its one more adjustment to put his mind at ease. Its part of the way that he shows he cares.
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