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Yep-they get along fine.
Interestingly-we're out-so it's moot.
But our 13 year old spends a LOT of time at some Bible camps that he has an interest in. They would NOT approve.
We have never told him not to say anything, nor do we try to keep anything secret.
But they don't ask and he doesn't offer.

OFTEN people will assume what seems safe to them "is this your uncle" or "is this your aunt" and kids will respond with a "yeah" or "no" laughing and they stop asking questions.

But if people ask me-I just answer point blank. Shrug.

Lying got me in a lot of trouble in my relationships in the past. I prefer to just stick to what is easiest-being honest, true and real about who I am. People who don't approve or don't like it-leave.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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